2004D-0369 - Draft Guidance for Industry: Recommendations for the Early Food Safety Evaluation of New Non- Pesticidal Proteins Produced by Bioengineered Plants Intended for Food Use; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC436
Submitter : Ms. Joanna Foster Date & Time: 02/06/2005 05:02:32
Organization : London Farmers' Markets
Food Industry
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I was appalled to learn that what we in Europe see as GM 'contamination' is still a threat. When will you realize that, even if our European governments cave in to requests for import permissions, the public is so against this technology that they will not buy it, and that our governments will insist on proper labelling so that we will not be deceived into inadvertent purchases? When you add this issue to deep divisions in opinion here about the USA's tragic mistakes over Iraq, and its apparent ignoring of issues like global warming and other environmental problems, a further increase in anti-American feeling cannot be avoided. This saddens me, as I have an American husband and two American children.