2004D-0369 - Draft Guidance for Industry: Recommendations for the Early Food Safety Evaluation of New Non- Pesticidal Proteins Produced by Bioengineered Plants Intended for Food Use; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC348
Submitter : Mr. Mike Reisen Date & Time: 02/06/2005 04:02:40
Organization : All Air and Electric
Private Industry
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Regarding Docket:2004D-0369

Why do you insist on allowing the continued contamination of this countries food supply. STOP THE INSANITY. Are you ABSOLUTLY CERTAIN that Monsanto can make food more pefect than the one that created YOU AND IT?
Force those pea brains to do ALL TESTING not just what they think off. I suggest you make them test the effect on every spieces of animal and insect that has the fearlesness that it takes to consume ge contaminated food. Better yet, force them to think long and hard about the PROVEN OVER THE CENTURIES organic GOD GIVEN way to produce food. It has worked well for our ancestors. Perhaps they wern't filled with the arrogant ill concieved conciet of the complete knowlede of the molecular makeup of plants being tested, and instead realized that when grown as GOD INTENDED it not only works better, but tastes better also!

You idiots on the other hand need to be doing things that stop the experimination of transgenic proteins. NOT APPROVE IT!

Finally, the FDA needs to replace its current non-rigorous
"voluntary consultation" process with a mandatory, science-based
review process designed to ensure food safety rather than, as at
present, "enhance public confidence" in inadequately tested and
potentially hazardous GE foods. Or, have you bowed to the dollar also?


Mike Reisen
President All Air & Electric