2004D-0369 - Draft Guidance for Industry: Recommendations for the Early Food Safety Evaluation of New Non- Pesticidal Proteins Produced by Bioengineered Plants Intended for Food Use; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC303
Submitter : Ms. Ann Fonfa Date & Time: 02/06/2005 03:02:27
Organization : The Annie Appleseed Project
Consumer Group
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
As the president of www.annieappleseedproject.org for people with cancer,I am writing to express our disappointment at the FDA's draft
"Guidance for Industry: Recommendations for the Early Food
Safety Evaluation of New Non-Pesticidal Proteins Produced by New
Plant Varieties Intended for Food Use."

The proposed safety evaluation is NOT good enough. It does not include testing that sane, rational people with cancer can be comfortable with. Many aspects are missing. We are sure you have heard complaints about that.

We consider natural food to be a very important resource for healing the body. Studies in the past have shown failure to thrive, dangerous cross- over to non GM crops and much more.

Please err on the SIDE of safety. It is better to make sure than to be very sorry afterwards.

The FDA should be
devising rules and procedures to STOP contamination of the food
supply with experimental transgenic proteins, not give rubber
stamp approval to such contamination when it occurs.

Finally, we urge the FDA to replace its current non-rigorous
"voluntary consultation" process with a mandatory, science-based
review process designed to ensure food safety rather than, as at
present, "enhance public confidence" in inadequately tested and
potentially hazardous GE foods.

Thank you.