2004D-0369 - Draft Guidance for Industry: Recommendations for the Early Food Safety Evaluation of New Non- Pesticidal Proteins Produced by Bioengineered Plants Intended for Food Use; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC270
Submitter : Ms. Elizabeth Martinez Date & Time: 02/06/2005 03:02:53
Organization : Olomana Gardens/Olomana Sustainable Systems
Food Industry
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Issue Areas/Comments
Aloha FDA, I am really concerned that the splicing of genetic materials into foodstuffs is a process about which industrial science knows too little to play "Russian Roulette." Testing of some of these materials is perhaps justifiable, but only under tightly controlled conditions under which release of these materials is . When these engineered crops are used to make up for poor agricultural practices, it is a dangerous concession for society to make to giant agricultural corporations. When these materials escape from testing or growing areas, the consequences for the world's food supply and its integrity could easily be catastrophic. Please err on the side of extreme caution.
The integrity of heritage seed banks must be preserved to ensure the future of the world's food supplies.