2003P-0132 Part 135 FDA regulations standard of identity frozen dessert
FDA Comment Number : EC42
Submitter : Dr. Kathleen Pelley Date & Time: 12/23/2005 10:12:12
Organization : my family
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am shocked that you are considering changing the definition of ice cream.
I have become so discouraged with the situation with food produced in the United States that I have began limiting my food purchases to local products, organic products, and foods from "alternative companies". I have quit buying "standard brands" because the quality of these mass- produced foods has deteriorated so badly. At least I am able to read the ingredients on these name brands foods, but ice cream has certain standard ingredients, which are never on the labels. When these are changed I will be unable to make good consumer decisions, if I am unable to find good brands like Ben and Jerry's, which always has ingredients on the label. I urge you to improve food labeling with more information, rather than changing the ice cream standards.