2003P-0132 Part 135 FDA regulations standard of identity frozen dessert
FDA Comment Number : EC29
Submitter : Ms. Celeste Kane-Stebbins Date & Time: 12/19/2005 12:12:40
Organization : Ms. Celeste Kane-Stebbins
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I do not feel that this proposed law is in the best interest of the consumer or the dairy industry. By opening up the ice cream market to alternate sources of milk besides bovine milk, we would be risking the import of products that are produced without meeting the U.S. standards. These products may be produced in unsanitary conditions and may not meet the U.S.'s criteria for quality and purity. They would also compete with the domestic product, further squeezing the financial viability of our own farmers. The U.S. cannot afford to lose more farmers.
Consumers also expect ice cream to be made from dairy cows' milk. Milk from alternate animals would not appeal to most consumers, particularly if they are suspect regarding the conditions under which it is produced. This move could decrease the demand for ice cream and dairy products overall.