2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC981
Submitter : Mrs. Cecilia Osgood Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:59
Organization : Mrs. Cecilia Osgood
Category : Food Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
Regarding animal cloning products being allowed in the general food chain, I believe it not to be in our public interest. I have seen over time that the cattle, sheep and pigs that have thus far been cloned have had serious birth defects, immunity defects, etc., and I do not feel it is unreservedly safe to be in our food chain. I know I would not knowingly buy any of these food products. I suppose your association can allow them to open this product to the market, and being UNlabeled millions would be exposed to only God knows what! There, of course, is the argument that if we cannot tell the product is "different" from traditional meat products, it must be okay. I personally do not trust that. If there could be more evaluation and long-term studies on these animals to prove they are "no different" than traditional animals over time, this may be a future alternative. Even at that time I believe the public has the right to know what they are being sold; just like designating "organic" and "nonorganic" food products.

When we periodically hear that "such-and-such" causes cancer, then at a later date the same thing is determined to not be cancer-producing, then again later a further study says it does cause cancer, etc..., I have decided that we cannot always rely on the "edicts from the FDA". At least we have the right to be able to choose for ourselves what we are knowlingly consuming. If the meat industry is pressing these cloned products be introduced into our food products, AT THE VERY LEAST, these products should be labeled. I am very aware in our country today those who have the MONEY are granted what they want...not what the population wants anymore. At least give us the consideration to have an informed decision on our choices to buy. LABEL IT CLONED! A proposed promise by the growers or meat industry not to put these animals into the food chain and just use their milk and/or byproducts is not very reassuring. If it is not labeled, how can WE know they've kept their word?