2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC963
Submitter : Mrs. Jenny Thompson Date & Time: 01/04/2007 11:01:29
Organization : Mrs. Jenny Thompson
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I feel that cloning in itself is wrong. I feel that it is unnatural. Therefore eating meat that is cloned is impure. The recent decision to allow this, shakes my confidence in your administration as I feel that you can not fully know the ramifications and long term effects of this decision. You are charged with protecting Americas food supply not setting policies of cost efficency. How will this affect meat and dairy products classified as organic? Would cloned animals be allowed to be but into biofeed? This would polute the next generation of animals. Diversity in the gene pool helps in many ways, cutting out this could make a livestock breed more succeptible to diseases. Will cloned meat be able to be intermingled on the butcher's block with natural and organic? Will there be a system put in place recording the DNA?Who controls the information of the DNA of a specific animal being sold from one rancher to another? What if some disease is found or a genetic problem ie. mad cow disease, how would that be traced? How many ranchers could possibly have access to tainted DNA and not even know it? What about the standards for cattle that come in the USA verses DNA that could be bought and shipped in from other countries through the mail? Those could also be more succepible to other diseases or altered to taint our food supply, as in bio-terrorism. With the rise in higher-priced organic meat, dairy and vegtable prodcuts it is clear that price is not necessarily the main concern of Americans when putting food on there table.

There are things more important than the cutting corners of cost. Most rancher's I know are concerned about the land and the animals, the satisfaction of the job they do. Not the unnatural scientific. Don't give in to the pressure of large scale operations, when your job is not to compromise America's health. I feel that if fully implimented I and my family will stop eating any meat and dairy products. I will also contact all of my local grocery stores to inquire if there meat is cloned or not, if so, I will tell them I will not shop at there stores. America looks and prays for you to make the right decision. If this measure is passed, beef will not be what is for dinner at my home.