2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC946
Submitter : Ms. Nancy Klare Date & Time: 01/04/2007 11:01:52
Organization : Ms. Nancy Klare
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I think introducing 'food' from cloned animals into our food chain is the craziest thing I've heard the FDA consider to date! First of all, WHY do we NEED cloned animals in our food chain--WHY do we need them at all? Are you telling us that there aren't enough animals on this earth (already polluting it)...we have to ARTIFICIALLY CREATE more?

This is the nuttiest experiment yet! Our government has made it perfectly clear with its 'pre-emptive' war(s) on the Middle East that it does not value human life at all--NOW our government is going to introduce Frankenstinian animals onto our grocery store shelves as well? The U.S. Gov't. is determined to kill us all, isn't it? Cancer and other horrible diseases are ravaging the population--why NOT just kill off a few more hundreds of thousands of us by putting UNLABELED CLONED ANIMALS INTO OUR FOOD SUPPLY??? The U.S. Gov't. is out of control! I was 150% sure of that before THIS LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT, and now I am 300% sure! The citizens of this country need to refuse to pay anymore taxes until We the People's desires are met! DO WE HAVE A SAY ABOUT ANYTHING THAT GOES ON IN THIS COUNTRY ANYMORE? I guess it's time to hold ANOTHER ELECTION--throw all the rest of you bums out of Washington!

The last highly publicized mistake made by the FDA was okaying Vioxx without the proper testing, relying instead on the reports of the manufacturing drug company itself! And we all know how that ghastly ERROR turned out! I have lost total faith in the U.S. Government! EATING CLONED ANIMALS--OH, MY GOD, WHAT NEXT? Just tell me ONE GOOD REASON why scientists are cloning animals at all?! What purpose does it serve? Just something new to fool around with? We don't have enough other projects and problems to handle and solve on this earth already?

I am a vegetarian, and thank God for that! When man takes over God's job (CREATION OF ALL LIVING THINGS), then it is truly time to throw in the towel and give up all hope of sane survival on this planet! Or is it that man has already RUINED NATURE, so why not just screw it up royally all the more and finish it off totally?!

Sign me,

One Disgusted and Still INTELLIGENT Being on This Earth, trying to live under God's laws, having given up totally on the proven LUNACY of man!