2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC885
Submitter : Ms. Nadene Neale Date & Time: 01/04/2007 10:01:37
Organization : Ms. Nadene Neale
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Why? Is the cost to produce cloned animals less? Are we able to reduce chance of disease within a herd through cloning? If so, then what other agents (or genetic rearrangements) are they using during this rearing process? Are there any long term single-blind studies? How long term? What if we don't care that its simply safe to eat, what if we think its wrong? Why can't the public at the very least be informed as to whether or not they are eating products derived from a cloned animal? Isn't that what we're supposed to be about, letting people make their own informed decisions. Does this go for organic beef too? If a cow is cloned from an "organic cow" and raised in an organic fashion, does that deem it "organic too?" Who are your ethical advisors? Do you have any? Would you let your kids eat this beef? Oh wait a minute, you won't know...because 'they' won't have to label it! What is this world coming to? Did you know that we vaccinate infants before they are even able to produce an immune memory? T and B cells don't 'come along' until approximately one year of age. Ask any honest immunologist. Vaccines are not that clean, often they are preserved in some nasty agents or the medium in which they are administered is questionable. Then why do we do it? Whose pocket is deeper? I beg you, if you have any decency at all, to respect the dignity of the individual, let them be informed. Let them, let us, have the one thing we all count on every minute of every day...our ability to CHOOSE! How can you be so audacious as to choose for an entire population! Are you an elected official? Did you get your job through public appointment? If you take choice from us we might as well just throw the towel in, I'd have no hope for a more conscious and aware global heartbeat, we'd move like rubber on ice towards mass entropy. What will matter then...? Why must you take away and threaten everything that matters? Scientists don't know everything! Ask a scientist why we sneeze, they still can't figure that one out beyond a reasonable doubt. An anatomist will look at the stomach and divide it into a cardiac, a fundus, a body, and a pylorus. A histologist might say really there are an esophageal-cardiac junction, a body, and a pyloric-duodenal junction. What is the smallest functional unit of the liver? Which theory do you adhere to? The classic lobule? The non-classical lobule? Or maybe the liver acinus theory? Personally, I align with the liver acinus theory because it correctly explains liver poisoning effects by noting zones of death away from the old classical lobule toward the nearest central vein. However just because I align with this theory doesn't mean you have to. You might be dead set on the classical theory. I would never decide, even if I had the power to, that the liver acinus theory is the theory everyone should accept. Wouldn't that be a Nazi-like decision? It would be like taking all the books that said anything about the classical theory or non-classical theory and burning them, along with anyone who knew or spoke of them. That bonfire sure wouldn't smell like the freedom of choice. Freedom of choice is what we, as Americans, pride our selves on, right? Then tell me...why is it always under threat? Why do we always have to remind the decision makers of our time that we deserve the freedom to choose???? Please reconsider your decision.