2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC731
Submitter : Mr. Andrew Kitzman Date & Time: 01/04/2007 10:01:24
Organization : Mr. Andrew Kitzman
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Andrew Kitzman
2246 15th ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing you this letter regarding your recent draft for meat and milk from cloned animals to be consumed by the public.I think that you are underestimating the consequences.

There is a line that should be drawn when it comes to endangering the public in exchange for profit- which is what I believe this is. There is absolutely no reason for us to be eating cloned animals. We are not starving. The meat industry in America is a big and thriving business, there is no need for them to go to such extreme lengths to make more money and make their job a little easier. And they dont need you to condone it. Your interests lie with the public, not industries.

Most people (64 percent of the public according to a survey done in September by the Pew Initiative on food and Biotechnology) would not be comfortable with eating cloned meat. Especially considering that there is research that says the risk of a birth defect is the same with a cloned animal as with a normal one. Another serious consequence would be the ease with which companies could start producing genetically altered livestock once cloning is approved, which is appalling.

This is a moral issue. Many people believe that cloning is wrong. Even as an Atheist I see cloning as a misuse of science and strongly disagree with it. I do not want to eat cloned animals. As a citizen of this country I am telling you that this is wrong and I do not want to see it happen. At the very least I want labeling done by a respected company other that the USDA to ensure that I have a choice. Im sure that if you label the cloned products the consumers will speak for themselves.

Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely, Andrew Kitzman