2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC700
Submitter : Mr. Jeffrey Faulstich Date & Time: 01/04/2007 10:01:00
Organization : Mr. Jeffrey Faulstich
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Dear Sir,
The ethical nature of cloning animals for food production seems to be in no way considered in the document 2003N-0573. Humanity is in a unique position at this age of genetics, if we do not probe our conscience on the ethical nature of our actions then we will simply slip into a lost society.

Certainly cloning and genetic engineering are fields we need to research. However, using cloning for food production or sports simply ignores the basics of natural selection. A genetic stasis is certainly something we as a society should be against. Animals continue on as an evolving species, any steps in preserving unthread any possibility of a new tapestry being woven from the strands of todays species.

Please examine such ideas and take them into consideration. We should lead in ways of science, and also in ways of knowing when to use technologies and when not to.

Conserned citizen,
Jeffrey M. Faulstich