2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC697
Submitter : Mr. Steve Buckley Date & Time: 01/04/2007 10:01:16
Organization : Mr. Steve Buckley
Category : Food Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
I just heard on the national news about how your agency has determined that cloned animal meet is 'no different' than natural born animal meat.

I for one would prefer to know if the meat that I'm about to eat is from a cloned animal or natural born animal. You've effectively allowed for the creation of a whole new form of sustenance. Something never seen or known before now.

This means labels.

Labels for meats/milk/cheeses, etc... purchased in a market, or restaurant-- fast food, or sit down. Labels stating, in clear terms-- Cloned, or Original dairy products. Or, second, third, fourth generation clones-- that'd been cloned from clones, of clones, etc...

Seeing that cloned animals are copies of the original, there is always something that can go wrong, and would do so at the worst possible moment. A copy is always a second-hand version which can always possess some weakness not previously known about, or understood. We're always seeing lawsuits arise about 'knock-offs' of original paintings, copyright violations of music, movies, books, ad-infinitum.

Why would this be any different-- especially since it's food were talking about! This is what we use to sustain ourselves. This is what we eat to keep our bodies working.


Seeing that I am a long term cancer patient/survivor, I'd like to avoid having my cancer go awry because someone decided that I didn't need to know that I'm eating a copy of the original instead of the real thing. I've already seen genetically manipulated cold virus chemo-trials fail, and result in another form of cancer to the recipients, why would I want to eat food that's genetically manipulated?

One thing is for sure-- I think this will bring back the old 'Where's the Beef' TV commercials from the 80's.

Please, for the sake of all of us, do not force us to eat meat we would otherwise choose not to eat. To not label this new form of food would be to make the choice for us, and I for one refuse to allow anyone, let alone you, to get that responsibility. I alone decide if I am to destroy my life. If someone else decides that, we call it murder, and have a trial for them to stand accountable for their crime.

So, if you really want to decide that I should be forced to eat meat that I am unaware of its origins, be prepared to watch the meat industry to have a steady decrease of sales.

And finally, since this is a matter of science/biology, why on earth anyone would want to eat something that is definitively for their energy resources to work, and live, with an extremely limited understanding of its effects is downright terrifying. Go back and spend another 10 to 20
years studying this issue before forcing it on us, with no genuine grasp of the consequences.

There may be dozens of biotech firms out there cloning animals, but they haven't told us about it, and since they may be hiding it, why would you be so ready to force us to just accept this offhand with no long term consideration of the truths we'd need to know beforehand?