2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC633
Submitter : Mrs. Deborah Murphy Date & Time: 01/04/2007 09:01:34
Organization : Mrs. Deborah Murphy
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Meat from cloned animals? No way! I am a 4-H leader and a mother, and I refuse to raise or eat them or their progeny.

The true reason for cloned animals? The one benefiting is not the consumer, who doesn't want it and could be the one who suffers if problems-- mutations, health implications, etc. ever crop up--and of course a raise in price of the meat itself. The farmer won't benefit--increased liability, smaller markets, consumer rejection, more deaths and mutations among animals will hurt his/her pocket as well as his/her conscience.

"We clone an animal because we want a genetic twin of that animal." We. Who said this? A farmer? A consumer? A 4-H-er? A cook? A politician? The President?

No! Barb Glenn. She is from the Biotechnology Industry Organization!

Give me a break!

The only ones to profit are the Biotech companies, again! First pesticides, then GMO's, then nanotechnology--all thrown at us without our consent and without labels so we can't even refuse to eat them. And now cloned meat? Just so some tech company will have greater profits?

NO! NO! NO! Clear enough?

We don't want it. We won't eat it. Tell the techies to eat it themselves, but leave us to our real food.

If you let it through and it is unlebelled, we will go organic or raise all our own meat if we have to, but we will not eat it.

While you're at it, put labels on GMO's, so we Americans can finally have some freedom to not eat them, too!

A poor person should be able to afford food without going organic. We all know factory farms are subsidized by the government--which of course means us taxpayers foot the bill for GMO's. Organic food is not subsidized, so it can't be as "cheap." I resent having to pay for something I totally object to.

Just say NO to cloned meat! And NO to GMO's while your're at it!