2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC599
Submitter : Mrs. Caly Meszaros Date & Time: 01/04/2007 09:01:40
Organization : Mrs. Caly Meszaros
Category : Animal Feed Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
I am totally against cloning animals for the use of milk and meat products for human consumption (or any type of consumption for that matter!). Nature has been providing us with plenty of meat and milk from traditional conception methods in animals. We humans have assisted them along the way to speed up the process of reproducing for consumer use, but the thought of eating cloned meat sickens me. Let nature do what nature does best. Are we truly getting that greedy and pompous that we want to clone animals and take over nature's role in our world? I would not, under any circumstances, buy, eat or consume ANY product from a cloned animal. I feel the consequences of cloning animals for human or animal consumption would be far greater than we could ever imagine. There are more than just quality issues to think about. As a Christian I am not a supporter of cloning and to consume products from a cloned animal would mean breaking morals and spiritual beliefs. I could not do that. Even from a non-Christian perspective, the long term effects could be absolutely devastating and taking a risk like that is not worth it when there is plenty of animals being produced and reproduced from traditional methods for our consumption and use. Please, please do not allow cloned animal products enter our market place.