2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC594
Submitter : Mr. J. Evans Date & Time: 01/04/2007 09:01:30
Organization : Mr. J. Evans
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am simply amazed that anyone who successfully completed a junior high school Biology course could fail to understand clearly that removing the nucleus from one thing and replacing it with the nucleus of another thing qualifies as an insignificant affect on genetic composition--especially when there is virtually no truly long-term data with respect not only to the consequences for the cloned entities but also for all those entities who consume (a) various parts of the cloned entities or (b) various substances produced by the cloned entities!

What a ~fun~ experiment!

And, what better group to use for the experiments might there be than the citizens of our great nation!

With the results of the national high-fructose corn syrup fed to children experiment entering its third decade--one must note with ~outstanding~ results, including but not limited to nearly one-third of children now being classified as 'medically obese'--what better time to begin yet another national experiment to discover the consequences of feeding unnatural dairy and meat products to the citizens of our great nation!

That anyone actually thinks that he or she can examine all the highly detailed and obfuscated information, nearly all of which is produced by companies and researchers who have strongly vested interests in the approval of cloned food, and then reach any conclusion other than it being a lot of nonsense is a baffling as it is arrogant in the extreme.

Yet, this is no different from what happens with GMO/GE plant experiments, most of which eventually grace our nation with such enduring legacies as the fabulous gift which is likely to keep on giving forever and forever given to the rice farmers and consumers of our great nation by the idiotic researchers at Bayer Crop Science who have managed to contaminate the rice stock in our great nation, perhaps for all time.

I fully realize that it must be frustrating to be stuck in a pointless bureaurocratic job doing work that you hate, but you have options. Change your job or pursue another career in some other field.

There is no need to attempt to shove yet another Frankenfood down the throats of the citizens of our great nation!

What can I do about this?

Not so much, really--but, I certainly can and will follow it diligently and will avoid all companies who market food products containing any of this unnatural and truly bizarre experimental pseudofood.


P.S. The idea of not requiring clear and indisputable labeling of 'cloned food' is yet another indication of the general attitude exhibited by the FDA
who considers the public to be incapable of using information in sensible ways. Effectively, by not requiring GMO/GE/CLONE labeling, everything sold in grocery stores by default now becomes suspect, since there is no straightforward and simple way to discover whether the so- called 'food' actually is food rather than Frankenfood. At least one aspect of this is very simple, and it is driven by basic capitalism. Fast food is out!

The sad aspect of this is that I really used to enjoy McDonald's cheeseburgers and French Fries! That special treat is simply removed from my menu forever. Coca-Cola? Well, there are certain basic necessities of life, and the fact of the matter is that Coca-Cola is made with real sugar in Mexico, so bite me! I can still get the real thing every once in a while, and all the other time I can get Dr. Pepper made with pure cane sugar from the Dublin, Texas bottling plant!