2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC555
Submitter : Mr. Gregory Campbell Date & Time: 01/04/2007 08:01:23
Organization : Mr. Gregory Campbell
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
To whom it may concern:

I wish to indicate my complete opposition to any and all forms of cloned animals or cloned animal products or by-products in the human food chain. Regardless of what Docket 2003N-0573 indicates, I consider all such products, foods and animals, etc. unnatural and untested in terms of natural biological evolution. Such cloned entities did not and will not emerge naturally but can only be provided through artificial stimulation or alteration of the biological food chain by men, not Nature. As such they are not 'natural' for consumption or distribution to any organisms for dietary ingestion. I regard the 'science' behind these developments questionable and consider the inclusion of these 'cloned' products a violation of my constitutional and human right to choose for myself and my family what we eat. If such 'cloned' foods are introduced into the human food chain without proper labeling, I will eat foods that I do not want my family to consume. This will be a form of de jure infringement on my right, and my families, to choose freely what they wish to eat without government interference. Such legal and biological interference is not indicated in or by the US Constitution, and therefore violates it. 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' of the Declaration of Independence allows me as a citizen and consumer to make informed choices in terms of my nation and my family table, and to construe either to serve 'man-made' science and not natural biological evolution is wrong, illegal and unconstitutional. My first amendment rights not only allow me free speech, they also imply a venue that allows speech to be free, open and honest. If I cannot determine 'what' it is that I am eating or serving on my family table, our first amendment free speech rights are being curtailed by 'my' government surreptitiously and illegally, for I cannot discuss (i.e., choose) what I am eating, or how I should eat, if the foods being presented to me are not properly labeled and described. This denies my first amendment rights of free speech regarding the foods I eat, when I do not know, and therefore cannot discuss, freely and openly, their nature, content, production, distribution and effect on my health or my families. Regardless if these 'cloned' foods are approved or not, to deny my right as a citizen and consumer to discuss the nature of these foods openly and freely without knowing if such foods purchased by me are such, denies my constitutional right to a free, open and frank discussion of them, violating further my 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.' A government endorsement of these 'cloned' foods, without their being labeled as such, and therefore discussed through free speech, is a de jure violation of my freedom of speech, and of my right to assemble, petition and address my government regarding them, if I cannot know what they are or how they are made through speech. I do not approve of these foods in any manner, but if the government is going to make these foods available to the public, the public has the educational, medical, dietary, constitutional and moral right to know they are present in the food chain, and their nature and distribution, which proper labeling (speech) would fulfill. At the very least, a government 'of the people, by the people and for the people' should respect 'the peoples' constitutional free speech right to know what it is they are purchasing and what they are consuming. To ignore this fundamental requirement and mandate to 'the people' would not only eliminate their right to 'choose' in free open speech, it would also indicate that 'their' government is not listening to them, or more importantly 'subject' to them, and instead acting of its own volition without 'their' constitutional regard at all. Do not allow these foods into our markets unless they are probably labeled as such, as 'cloned' animals, products or by products. Thank you.