2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC530
Submitter : Mrs. Ledia Elraheb Date & Time: 01/04/2007 08:01:14
Organization : Mrs. Ledia Elraheb
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Briefly, What I don't understand is that if there IS a 'proposed Risk managment plan,and the success rate of Cloned animals is pretty low -- and there have been animals who have suffered SEVERE complications as a result, then WHY would it be safe for us to digest???
AS a concerned citizen, I aak that this Final Approval NOT be passed and that the consumers would AT LEAST have the right to know they're eating 'cloned foods,' through an appropirate label indicating so, should you still decide to go ahead and pass the Final Approval. It would be unfair in not letting the public know and NOT letting them decide which to eat for themselves,which violates constitutional rights.
I've recently read an article which revealed the inefficiency of animal cloning, and the lack of understanding about reproductive cloning... deemed by the Physicians from the AMerican Medical Association.
'They say in this article, 'Several cloned animlas have died prematurely from infections and other complications.'
WHY would we want to digest these SAME compliations and WHY risk our health this way? Is there some famine we're unaware of? Are we short on livestock? Is this necessary?
Please do not allow these cloning industries to destory us this way and protect us from them, as this is your job. Clearly, we've lost the 'Fear of God,' altogether when we've resorted to this. God is the ONLY Creator, Who takes and gives life....and we have NO need of any other.
Please listen to the voice of the people, as THIS is what our Forefathers diligently STRIVED and fought for in establishing this country as ONE nation UNDER God. What happened to those words? They've become LONG forgotten...much like our Creator Himself. He CAN'T very well be pleased with such a decision, and if you move on this, you're ultimately going up against HIM and not just His people.
One Concerned Citizen