2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC487
Submitter : Mr. Eugene Barrett Date & Time: 01/03/2007 03:01:14
Organization : Mr. Eugene Barrett
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I understand the desire of farmers to optimize their product and profit, and at the same time understand individual consumers concerns about the product that they will be presented and its effects on their well being, be it physical or emotional. If you so desire to allow this product to be made available to the general public, then please consider both sides. I see no problem with posting on packages the specifics, we do that now with some products, whether they are food or nonfood products. If meat or vegetable products are cloned, list them as such. We have already experienced the economic reality of cloned products effect on our exports, with corn being leaked into the supply chain that was cloned, restricting some countries from accepting shipments. Why risk either financial or political strife to please a select few businesses? The other side of this issue, if countries refuse to accept cloned products, will we, as consumers be left with no choice at all, having noncloned food exported to others, while we face only the availability of cloned food? I wish to remind you of your original task when you were formed, to protect us from risk, not to promote a product. I ask that you give us the option of having a choice, and in the end, preserve our right to know what we and our children consume. As individuals, we are left holding the bag when our health is affected by what we do or dont consume, please dont reduce our rights to choose. I read labels, evaluate content and choose foods that are best for me, why erode that ablility, and in the end cause more issues when you can give both sides what they want, a product that meets standards and can be chosen based on those standards. If you are going to allow cloned foods to enter the food chain, please require a label that identifies them. If the food industry has issues with it, let them sell us as consumers on it, not use stealth to insert it into our diets. Only time will tell whether these products are safe, regardless of how many studies are completed, and with hindsight being the standard, it lacks the safety we deserve as a consumer. We have a market based economy, let the market decide.