2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC450
Submitter : Mrs. Diana Stett Date & Time: 01/03/2007 03:01:07
Organization : Mrs. Diana Stett
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Dear FDA:
I dislike feeling this way, but it feels like this is the cloning of more bad government.

I am disappointed to learn that you will not require labeling for cloned products. This is outrageous! I feel I and my family should have the right to know what we are eating so we can make healthy choices.

By not requiring the labeling of these products aren't you showing favortism to the powerful and influencial businesses? Do you think they are worried that the American people are getting smarter and smarter and many may not buy their clone products? Eating natural and healthy is the way to go and the Clone products seem to contradict this or raise concerns. To not require labeling seems unfair and more about businesses making a profit than the quality of life of people. It would be easy to require the labeling, so to not, seems suspicious. Are we forced to assume that if a company does not label their products then they have something to hide and we will not purchase them? I read that Ben and Jerrys will label their products. Yeah for good guys.

Would labeling cloned products prevent some CEO from making $150+ bilizion bonus? To me, history has shown that people's lives ultimately are not important to many businesses nor our government. We are just objects for greed and other and I am sick of it. I want some control over my life, to live my life in peace, and not feeling like I always have to fear for my life and someone cheating me out of my money. Besides the government is great at putting our lives at risk but then not providing adequate healthcare to survive those risk. Think of how much health insurance a $150 million CEO bonus could buy some hard working employees. These CEOs would not make these absurd bonuses if not for the lowly people and employees.
This seems another one of those things that time is going to show that the government put people at risk to die from unsafe products. They say its safe now (while businesses profit, a CEO makes $150Million and retires?) but time could prove otherwise after innocent people's lives have been ruined? Don't some businesses factor in how many people they expect will sue or die from their products and therefore the lawsuits they are willing to pay because they know the profit is greater? Ultimately, the message seems over and over that our lives are not valued.

I propose a new FDA rule. We tie the FDA folks and their children and families, drug companies execs and families, etc. to chairs and force them to eat their products for a long period of time before forcing it on the public. Also, lets feed them fast fried food. I don't want my family harmed! Let the FDA, drug companies, Clone businesses prove there is no harm or let their famiies die first. I dont want anyone to die but the point is I will fight for my family and we deserve a good quality of life based on humankindness and not what feels like greed.

With all the government corruption and contant lying, it is hard to trust any government agency. Just like Hilary Clinton running for President after the Clinton scandal is obscene. As a mom of 3, it makes me angry and to trust our government even less to think that she could some day be president. I will never trust her and it will be difficult to respect or trust those that work with her.

Someone needs to clone a conscience then need would be greater than supply.

Please label these products so I can make the choice to not buy.

Diana Stett