2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC372
Submitter : Mrs. Jacquelyn Butler Date & Time: 01/03/2007 03:01:11
Organization : Mrs. Jacquelyn Butler
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I am against the introduction of foods from cloned animals to be sold to the public. However, if the measure is approved to introduce cloned meats for human consumption than at least make it a requirement that those types of foods be labeled as 'cloned' allowing consumers to make the choice of whether or not they want to spend their money on such products. Does the FDA currently require businesses to label organic food or other types of foods that are not naturally produced or grown? If so why would cloned meats be exempt from labeling? Because of cost? People's lives and health are more important than the profit margins of businesses? The FDA already cant totally prevent the introduction of naturally produced animals that have a disease such as 'mad cow' disease from making their way into consumer homes. Please dont expose consumers to any more risks by allowing cloned products or unlabeled cloned products into the food supply. The producers of cloned meat shouldn't have the benefit of having their product introduced into the food market without the public knowing what they are purchasing. If this type of food is forced on the public than we want the right to choose whether or not to consume this type of food. Foreign markets havent accepted cloned meats so will there be different standards for foreign sales than for domestic sales? If the FDA introduces cloned meats than it would in effect be creating an experimental environment where consumers are the helpless lab rats. Whenever man has conceived a method that overrides Gods intended purpose there are always negative consequences. I just hope consumers arent the losers in this equation.