2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC348
Submitter : Mrs. Dawn Marie McAlister Zahner Date & Time: 01/03/2007 02:01:48
Organization : Mrs. Dawn Marie McAlister Zahner
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
If what I have read is accurate, most of the safety information the FDA is accepting is from the cloning companies themselves, not from independent sources. This is of great concern to me. Also, over the last few years, many of the drugs the FDA has approved have ended up being pulled off the market and the companies being sued because they cause such severe long term side effects that were not seen during clinical trials. The effects of ingesting cloned animal products should be tested for much longer than only four years.

As far as labeling is concerned, it is imperitive that products from cloned animals be labeled as such. I for one will stop eating meat and dairy products altogether if I have no way of knowing if I am eating or drinking products from cloned animals. And I will not prepare it for my family. Also, I will stop eating at restaurants because they will have no way to guarantee that I am not eating cloned meat. Think of the financial problems this could cause to these industries.

I am only one person in a family of four who is taking the time to send in this comment. I actually discovered that the FDA is taking comments on this subject quite by accident since the media does not clearly state that this can be done much less how. How many people out there have the same feelings I do as far as no longer purchasing meat and dairy products that will not send in comments? Not labeling foods in order to let people know what they are eating could have disasterous financial consequences to those industries, including retaurants if labels are not required.

I ask that the FDA look very carefully at the health concerns in regards to cloning as well as the financial consequences if labeling is not enforced. We are only now beginning to understand the health effects of food addivitives that we have been using for decades. How can we hope to see the effects of eating cloned food in only four years? Do not take this decision lightly. The health of our nation and the financial future of these industries is at stake.

Dawn Marie McAlister Zahner