2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC344
Submitter : Mrs. debra paulsen Date & Time: 01/03/2007 02:01:53
Organization : Mrs. debra paulsen
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Amazing > The news has finally mentioned people have a right to complain via the federal register> Now I can only hope they access it and find their way through the first few pages of docket to get here> I have commented here before, and while we the people are largely ignored > As education and awareness of the " Protocols" to have your voice heard catches on perhaps we will be heard> But do I think the damage done by all of your ( FDA) Approvals since the early 90's can be reversed? No , sadly I do not. Mad Cow , Bird flu, Bvl, and immune system issues are as here to stay as the bio genetic changes.
It started with the GM seeds, and continues like a set of dominoes, toppling one after the other in the food chain.
Why are sheep not included in this proposal for cloned meat and dairy products? Because Dolly was not a complete success.
I guess you figure we might as well eat cloned animals since the damage has already been done via the genetically altered feeds that they eat.
Why are we experiencing all the health crisis you( FDA< Govt. News) continue to deny exsist? Why are animals and people sick? Keep on altering at the genetic level> Why are there less insects, why are there less birds, why are there new insects and disease strains?
You don't notice the changes from your well payed office position?
You don't go out and dig and plant a garden every year? year after year?
You don't suffer health issues> Like me diagnosed w/ severe arterial occlussions at under 40 years old> LIKE SO MANY OTHERS> Doctors are being hushed for pharm Co. Money> % years ago the doc said I can guarentee you you are not in danger of a stroke> I had to argue and insist on checking carotids> I don't see that dr. anymore > He got mad at me > But you know what? I was right> SEVERE BLOCKAGES> I am NOT THE ONLY ONE> SAY NO TO CLONING FOR FOOD PRODUCTS> We have enough dangers to deal with battling against all the GM foods THAT YOU REFUSE TO LABEL ( Still trying to eliminate the family farmer> Check out watergate papers > You guys have been working on this a long time.
I grew up on a dairy Farm> I have seen this progression> I SEE everyday middle and lower class americans dealing with real issues. Aggressive pre teen boys, menstruating , Blooming, promiscuousness among 9 and 10 year old little girls, Obesity which you tell them is their own fault ( Yes their own fault because they can't afford the extra lean meats, and they eat the preprocessed cheap foods put out by all the chemical companies running our food processing operations > Where were all the Sherman anti trust suits tucked away?
Wake up> How do you intend to protect your children , or your grandchildren from what you have loosed on the world? This has been absolute insanity since day one, or at least since '94 when Rumsfeld sat on your (FDA) panel and approved aspertame, and said we don't need to label all the foods with HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE IN THEM, or gebetic alterations.Now you want to go a step further towards ruining God's Creation. Isn't it bad enough the GM crops are cross pollinating and going wild> Like how about the pharm farms blood coagulating And Thinning plants they created? How about the terminator seeds , so they can totally control our next fuel source , Bio Diesel which could have been marketted YEARS ago> But the big guys didn't have CONTROL of the corn seed yet> This science and greed and pharmaceutical crap for money is TOTALLY out of control > We the PEOPLE want to be heard> We want NO MORE GENETIC FOODS SHOVED DOWN OUR UNKNOWING THROATS> YOU WANT OT> THEN LABEl IT SO WE CAN COME TO YOU WITH OUR RESULTING ILLNESSES> Then figure out how to keep your genetic crap away from breeding and cross pollinating The REAL stuff. Go to this link and see what the cows say


and what about the FDA financial links with pharm companies?


You are supposed to PROTECT US