2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1128
Submitter : Mr. Damian Christopher Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:35
Organization : Mr. Damian Christopher
Category : International Organization
Issue Areas/Comments
I personally feel that our current form of Government has gone a bit far with dealing in 'any' aspects of the cloning process. Cloning, first of all is wrong on so many levels.
When do we as a people take a look at what we're doing and say,...ENOUGH!?
Aside from the moral issues of it (I'm sure you've heard them all), there is question in my mind as to how safe it can 'really' be.
There has been numerous accounts of 'experimental' drug testing on the American public that have gone bad. Its rediculous. Now that cloning has come into play; yet another experiment is underway at the expense of who?
The people, that's who.<br>
The hardworking average American who wants nothing more but to live in a land where food consumption is abundant and above all 'natural'.
Need I remind you of how dangerous the act of cloning can be?<br>
First it starts with animals. The next thing you know, the Government approves cloning of human beings for various reasons.<br>
There will be cloning of babies for mothers who want twins or can't have children of their own. There will be cloning of people for manual labor, military purposes, and before you know it,...the approved cloning of loved ones for people who don't want to let go.
Some of my comments may seem silly at best, but think for a moment; stranger behavior than this exists in todays society.<br>
Cloning in the marketplace has gone on for as long as I even care to remember.<br>
Knockoff clothing, fake jewelry replicas, and duplicate designer fragrances.<br>
Fake hair and fingernails, false teeth, and various other body parts.<br>
Generic brand boxed or can foods, and off brand appliances. Bootleg DVDs and CDs, and even over-the-counter and prescription drugs.<br>
The list goes on and on.
Then what happens?<br>
More cloning.<br>
Just when you think its safe to eat chicken, pork, beef or fish; someone will say, 'Read the sticker first'.<br>
'Warning: This meat has been grown through the FDA approved process of cloning'.
I don't want that to happen. I want to live the rest of my days knowing that I have the choice to eat natural farmed raised foods.<br>
To quote the lyrics of the Marvin Gaye song,...'Ain't nothing like the real thing'.<br>
I made a personal decision years ago to stop consuming beef and pork, and I only eat chicken, fish, and sometimes turkey. Everything else is
vegetables, and dairy products and a limited amounts of sweets.<br>
The only problem is,...I can't grow or produce any of these foods.<br>
I wish I could, but I can't.<br>
Therefore, I rely on the Government to approve the things that I eat and let me know that they're safe and 'natural'.
Cloning is NOT 'natural'. Never has been,...never will be.
Come on people, its bad enough that we have to deal with preservatives, additives, and anything else used to give our food a longer shelf life.<br>
Enough is enough.<br>
I think the Governmenment and the FDA should join forces and come up with a way to save the ecology and the underlying global problems that exist.<br>
Our earth is falling apart at an alarming rate.
If you can send a man to the moon, why can't you save our planet?<br>
If you save the planet; you save the lives of its living creatures so that they in turn can reproduce,...naturally; the way that God intended.<br>
The end result of that is healthier eating and healthier living.<br>
Maybe be I'm a dreamer, but anything is possible.
We are going to 'have' to abandon all thoughts of big business and personal gain for the sake of of our lives.
We all know that there is a considerable amount of profit in this whole business of cloning. We know the risks involved. We know the moral side of it.<br>
What we don't know is the outcome, and THATS what we need to re-think.
This is just some 'natural' food for thought.

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