2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1092
Submitter : Mr. john eisenhart Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:04
Organization : Mr. john eisenhart
Category : Food Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
I am deeply concerned about the use of cloning for food supply. I will not buy or eat any cloned product. I will demand my government representative reject your approval. I will also demand an overhaul of the entire F.D.A. process.
Local, organic, micro-economic farming is what is needed for our country. Big Agri-business will destroy our next generation's health and our natural resources. Surely you must reexamine your principals in serving the interests of the citizen's of this country. Would you feed your infant cloned products?

John Eisenhart Architect
Member of City of San Diego Historic Resource Board
San Diego, Ca.