2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1091
Submitter : Mrs. Debra McDaniel Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:55
Organization : Mrs. Debra McDaniel
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I read the Draft Cloning Risk Assesment, Proposed Risk Management Plan and frankly I'm quite disturbed at the speed at which this new 'food source' is being pushed toward FDA approval with barely a mention about it publically until now. It just seems that this new technology is still too new with not that much emperial data on which to base approval. Who has been eating this cloned meat and for how long? Who has been drinking milk from cloned cows? I expect that the leaders of this brand new industry haven't been feeding it to their families. I also am bothered by the fact that the industry is trying to forgo labeling so consumers who just may, for whatever reason, choose to not consume cloned meat and milk won't know what they are buying. Why shouldn't we be given the option? The cloning industry seems a bit too eager to get this started. Why not wait until the technology improves and we can accumulate more data? There seems to be enough food in America to feed everyone with the proper management and less waste. If we can't manage those animals who have somehow remained a viable species, why should we hope that cloning will be our savior. I see abuse, greed and a total lack of compassion for animals. Anything to make a buck. It has taken much work and diligence to improve the plight of many of our livestock animals now. Without rigid safeguards and regulation with measureable goals and enforceable penalties for those who abuse, our food industry would do everything they could get away with to keep costs down and profits up including mistreating those animals. I can see cloned animals being treated as less than the noble beast that they truly are. Look at the labs that have been found to experiment on animals just to see what happens when you sew a kittens eyes shut, for instance. There will always be those out to make more money and who are willing to cut corners and push the envelope. This whole branch of science still needs to be studied and watched and in the meantime, Congress needs to see what kinds of limits and regulations can be applied and I am still not confortable with the ethics of cloning meat. If we didn't waste so much and managed our resources better, we wouldn't see this push for approval of such new untested technology at a time when our government is reversing more regulations all the time saying that regulation stiffles creativity. Regulations are very necessary. They keep industries from abusing our trust and they force industries to retain a certain level of quality in their products and their labor practices. Regulations in our food industry have been either not enfored or done away with as being to cumbersom or expensive for businesses. The FDA has the most important assignment of all our government agencies, The FDA regulates our food and drugs. Keeping our food supply safe and ensuring the drugs produced do no harm and are marketed safely and truthfuly. This is an awsome responsibility that should not be taken lightly. I don't think that as of right now, enough emperical data exists that shows me that cloned meat or milk is as safe as traditional meat or needs no label because they are indistinguishable from each other. I want to know if my food in genetically altered or cloned. I want the option of not choosing cloned or altered food. I think it's wrong to rush this. Wrong ethically, creating beings for food. Being traditionally conceived and raised for food isn't all that great a life but steps have been taken to ensure the quality of life for these animals. Free range, no growth hormones, feed organic feed are all ways we're just now starting to become better, more compassionate and ultimately more intelligent about the way we treat the animals we raise for food. I'm against FDA approval for cloned meat and milk being introduced into our food supply at this time.