2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1073
Submitter : Mr. Frederick Mayer Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:58
Organization : Mr. Frederick Mayer
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
I feel very strongly about this issue of selling any product from a cloned animal. I DO NOT want to buy any product from a cloned animal for ethical reasons (period). The fact that these animals have an increased premature death rate and a higher rate of birth defects or that the FDA studies indicate that the composition of meat and milk from clones is within a compositional range doesn't give me any comfort either. I'm not happy with the way the FDA has handled this whole issue of cloned animals. The government should never have let cloned animals into the commercial farm system in the first place. We shouldn't have to trust that the farmers or ranchers will voluntarily keep these animals out of the food system. From the stories I've been reading it would appear that some of these animals have been taken to the slaughterhouse or were offspring of clones. Should food companies start selling these products without informing the public, I for one will not purchase any product from that company. I writing you to let you know my opinion on the use of cloned animals for commercial sale in the public food market.


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