2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1069
Submitter : Ms. Jo-Anne Head Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:20
Organization : Ms. Jo-Anne Head
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
Regarding allowing animal cloning and then putting the cloned animals into the human food chain: I find this proposition disgusting in the extreme. I am an enthusiastic meat eater but there is no way I will eat cloned animals. There is too much that is not known about the health risks. What on earth is wrong with having animals born of their two different parents and being raised to be eaten? I understand that you want to clone animals that are genetically modified. Cloning such animals preserves the genetic modifications. I find this whole idea to be stupid, offensive, exorbitantly expensive, and very shortsighted. By raising a whole lot of animals that are cloned from a specific genetic origin, all these animals will be prone to any problems their origin animal had. Cloned animals have defects and weird things wrong with them. They will all die from the same disease if they turn out to be susceptible to one; they will not have the genetic diversity that normal reproduction animals have and that protects them when there is a disease problem. Also, how do you even know that cloned genetically modified animals will taste good? If you are so stupid as to approve this, then I DEMAND that you mandate labeling of cloned animals that you release into the food chain. As a consumer I have the right to know which way you are trying to poison me. Put a label on the meat packages in the supermarket that says something like: Origin: cloned. If you approve cloned animals entering the human food chain, you will turn me into a vegetarian. I am sure that somebody is paying you FDA people off and that is why you will choose to approve this stupid idea. I have no confidence in FDA. You whores have no integrity. A lot of people are on to you. That's why organic food is getting so popular. Show some backbone. This next is off topic, but over at the FCC a lot of people were shocked that one of their commissioners had a fit of ethics and refused to approve the AT&T-BellSouth merger. Who knew somebody was honest?! I wish that was contagious and that somebody at FDA would care about how their actions affect ordinary people. Case in point, you people take money from the pharmaceutical industry and then approve their poisonous drugs. Similar agency, the USDA, refuses to test all cattle for mad cow. I know you don't care and that you will ignore what I am saying, but I also know I speak for a lot of so-called Ordinary Consumers when I tell you that the very thought of eating cloned animals DISGUSTS me. I will not buy them. If you approve this proposition, I will assume that all US grown meat is cloned and I will eat only meat that has been produced outside of the country, such as Australian and New Zealand beef and lamb. You think I'm stupid. But I'm not. I think you have no morals, no character, you are simply greedy people trying to make a buck. And in the process you are destroying this country. And you could care less.