2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1019
Submitter : Mr. Mark Kreindler Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:46
Organization : Mr. Mark Kreindler
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
To the FDA:

I am very concerned about the long term health risks associated with cloned animals, or their offspring, entering the food chain. While I am not a scientist, I am concerned about what we don't know about cloning. Have all of the health risks been sufficiently addressed? Will there be sufficient government oversight? The bottom line is that we as a Nation should NOT allow animal clones to enter the food chain. Its just plain wrong.
In the alternative, ALL cloned animal food should be labelled as such so the buying public can make informed decisions about what food they want to feed their children.


Mark Kreindler