2003N-0573 Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment
FDA Comment Number : EC1013
Submitter : Mrs. Debbie Dorsey Date & Time: 01/04/2007 12:01:44
Organization : Mrs. Debbie Dorsey
Category : Individual Consumer
Issue Areas/Comments
As a vehement opposer of cloning, I am aghast to find that cloned animals or their offspring may find their way into our food supply. Even more outrageous to me, is the idea that if this idea is approved, the FDA will not require suppliers to label their products as coming from cloned animals or their offspring - this being such a controversial practice (statement found in "USA Today, Cover, Dec. 28").

Though I suspect that producers/suppliers would not like to have this fact advertised on their products for fear that monies will be lost when consumers are given the choice between natural and cloned products, what they may not realize is that money will be lost anyway when many opponents of cloning will be forced to change their dietary habits due to this introduction and especially in the case that consumers will be looking at "mystery meat products" not knowing from which lineage these creatures have come. (To quote "USA Today", a poll found 64% of Americans are not comfortable with cloning.)

In the case that this food is introduced into our food supply (and other non-consumables?), my family and I will be seeking out those organic/natural producers/suppliers who practice "clone free" production/sales as well as discloses, voluntarily, this information on their packages. If these things cannot be found in our area stores and markets, then we will be forced to reform our diet to veganism. In our belief and faith, we simply cannot consume these creatures or any related to them. As an avid label reader coupled with organic and natural purchases, I will have no problem adding questionable meat items or biproducts to my list of things to seek out and refrain from purchasing.

As with all previous tampering of our food supply, we know that these sciences are not sought after to benefit the consumer as much as it is to benefit the producer and suppliers. Then every year, we get to read or hear of how these things developed to "prolong shelf life", "produce greater volumes", etc. are truly unhealthy for us and "may cause this thing or that".

The best course of action for this controversial subject is to keep it out of our food supply and let us be thankful for what the good Lord has provided for us naturally.

Furthermore, if these cloned beasts or their offspring should make it into our food supply, I demand to know it. If product labeling can accommodate Jewish dietary laws and needs (i.e. "Pareve", "U", "K"), then product labeling can accommodate the dietary laws and needs of all of us who believe in the one true Creator of life.

From one who disagrees with cloning living, breathing creatures, I pray the people behind such foolishness progress no further - especially where my food and other daily needs are concerned.

Thank you for your time!