2003D-0474 Draft Guidance Studies to evaluate the safety of residues of Veterinary Drugs in Human Food: General Approach to Establish a Microbiological ADI (VICH GL-36)
FDA Comment Number : EC1
Submitter : Dr. Hu Manly Date & Time: 10/03/2005 03:10:57
Organization : International-Planners.com
Category : Animal Feed Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
We believe that major feed pellet producers should be required to have a minimum of 25% cysteine & 22% taurine containing roughage in their pellets,in order to reduce
the need for anti-CJD vaccines & anti-biotics in the feeds, which are causing residues,in meat &,eggs and also lard & cream containing candies,breads,pastries & soups in nursery school & high school foods,which are increasing,nascent myopia & diabetes mellitus in children 3 to 12.
A discussion of the beneficial effects of Cysteine & Taurine can be found on the pages,'What is a Prion'
& 'What is BSE? in the Agricultural Education section
of International-Planners.com a consulting company
that helps farmers,overcome Prion & BSE related feed problems, steming from dietary deficiencys,resulting from, poorly compounded pellets,such as Canadian & West Coast,
cattle & poultry producers,now are receiving and which are lowering the resistance of their cattle & poultry,
to CJD,BSE,MCD & HMD,in those regions,which normally provide,the major portion of the foods used in our national
school foods programs.The proportion that we recommend of the sulfur bearing
amines Cysteine-25% & Taurine-22%,come from the Netherlands Dairy Association,
whose complying members,have never had one sickly or diseased cow or calf,
in the last 3 years,since they instituted these minimum requirements.