2003D-0379 Draft Guidance for Industry on Preparing a Claim of Categorical Exclusion or an Environmental Assessment for Submission to the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC2
Submitter : Mrs. shelby thompson Date & Time: 01/08/2007 01:01:09
Organization : federal prison camp millington, tn.
Category : Food Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
there is a warehouse full of out dated food being served to prisoners at the millington federal camp. these dates are from 2005 and under. fish has labels
not for human consumption. chicken has been frozen thawded and refroze. i for see a bad outbreak of food poison if this is not corrected imediately. if
it is this bad at a nice facility like this i can only imagine what it is like in the other prisons. please that care of this ASAP