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02N-0417: Applications for FDA Approval to Market a New Drug
Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
BKG1 10/21/2002 10/21/2002 Legacy Background Material          
Signature: Background Material
NPR1   10/21/2002 FDA FDA     12/23/2002 pdf  
Signature: FDA
EC1 10/27/2002 10/26/2002 Consumer Group CARE (e-list for caregivers )       htm  
Signature: Mrs. Camilla Flintermann
EC2 10/30/2002 10/29/2002 Individual Consumer number not used          
Signature: number not used
EC3 10/30/2002 10/29/2002 Legacy Number Not Used       htm  
Signature: Number Not Used
C1 11/04/2002 10/29/2002 Individual Consumer David Eichenauer          
Signature: David Eichenauer
C2 10/31/2002 10/28/2002 Individual Consumer Alfred B. Engelberg          
Signature: Alfred B. Engelberg
EC4 12/13/2002 12/12/2002 Legacy Number Not Used       htm  
Signature: Number Not Used
C3 12/18/2002 12/17/2002 Private Industry Agvar Chemicals Inc.       pdf  
Signature: Agnes Varis
C4 12/20/2002 12/20/2002 Private Industry Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C.       pdf  
Signature: Paul A. Braier, Ph.D.
C5 12/20/2002 12/19/2002 Private Industry Pfizer, Inc.       pdf  
Signature: Jeffrey B. Chasnow
C6 12/20/2002 12/19/2002 Private Industry Johnson & Johnson       pdf  
Signature: Kathy J. Schroeher
C7 12/20/2002 12/19/2002 Association American Assn of health Plans (AAHP)       pdf  
Signature: Diana C. Dennett
C8 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Private Industry American Society of Consultant Pharmacis       pdf  
Signature: R. Timothy Webster
C9 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Association Generic Pharmaceutical Assn (GPhA)       pdf1, pdf2  
Signature: Kathleen D. Jaeger
C10 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Private Industry Food Marketing Institute (FMI)       pdf  
Signature: Tim Hammonds
C11 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Private Industry Families USA       pdf  
Signature: Ron Pollack
C12 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Private Industry Barr Laboratories, Inc.       pdf  
Signature: Frederick J. Killion
C13 12/23/2002 12/23/2002 Private Industry Caterpillar, Inc. et al.       pdf  
Signature: Greg Folley et al.

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