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Docket: 02N-0278 - Bioterrorism Preparedness; Prior Notice of Imported Food Shipments, Section 307
Comment Number: EC -30

Accepted - Volume 2

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Commentor Mr. Kazuhisa Takahashi Date/Time 2002-08-30 16:37:02
Organization Japanese Embassy
Category International

Comments for FDA General
1. General Comments . Section 307 (1) In order to avoid undue burden on private businesses, contents of the prior notice required should be minimal. (2) FDA should expeditiously deal with prior notice submitted by private businesses that manufacture foods in the United States or export (or will export) foods to the United States within a certain time limit, in order not to hamper the activities of the private businesses, such as delaying of import. (3) To ensure (2) above, FDA should provide appropriate guidance to private businesses for submitting prior notices, for example, by showing model notices. (4) FDA should prescribe in the regulations that products with the same content whose sole difference is size, such as canned food, are required just a single notice. (5) FDA should exempt import food products less than a certain amount of volume from the obligation of prior notice. There should be an exemption from the obligation of prior notice for import sample products of small quantity. Alternatively, there should be another simpler regulation for import of sample products. (6) FDA should take ample security measures for electric notices.

EC -30