2002N-0273 Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Feed
FDA Comment Number : EC141
Submitter : Mr. Monty Adams Date & Time: 12/09/2005 03:12:42
Organization : Franklin County Government, Tennessee
Category : Local Government
Issue Areas/Comments
The implementation of this rule will cause extreme hardship on our community. Franklin County pays for rendering of large dead animals throughout our county. If the rule runs, the rendering service stops, not only for our significant farm community but for our slaughter houses as well. The public health problems dealing with rotting carcasses is not a happy function. Further, there are regulations in place that deal with ruminant feeding. I feel strongly that science should dictate the rules, not political action. We have enough problems out here in the real world than to deal with yet another federal government intrusion, especially one that comes as an overlap of existing regulation. As a cattle producer and a government official, I am telling you to leave well enough alone. It would be far better to use the rules in force than to create a new rule for political theater. I will say again, if the rendering service used in our nation ceases to exist as we know it because of this rule change, woe be it to those who did such a thing. The cure will be worse than the disease.