2002N-0273 Animal Proteins Prohibited in Ruminant Feed
FDA Comment Number : EC134
Submitter : Mrs. Jennifer Harris Date & Time: 12/09/2005 02:12:24
Organization : Marshall County Commission
Category : Local Government
Issue Areas/Comments
Rule ammendment is not necessary at this time. Current USDA testing shows that BSE is not a threat in U.S. cattle. Proposed rule could be devastating to the businesses contracted for dead stock removal, which in turn will affect those farms who depend upon the service. These businesses could no longer provide the service due to an inability to divide dead stock according to age and inspection status. The FDA must conduct an assessment of this issue to determine the impact that such action will have on associated health concerns created by improper disposal of dead stock, which will certainly become an issue. One must also consider the economic impact on businesses, consumers, and local government standards. The increased cost of categorizing cattle, proper disposal, and enforcement of the regulation itself will pose a greater hardship for all parties involved in the process.