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02N-0115: Risk Management of Prescription Drugs
Item Code No. Received Date Submitter Signature FR Date FR Page PDF ID
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EC 7 06/22/02 American Society of Health-System Pharma   Dr. Gary Stein          htm
C 3 06/25/02 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)    Judith A. Cahill, C.E.B.S.         pdf    
C 2 06/20/02 PhRMA    Alan Goldhammer, PhD         pdf   
EC 6 06/17/02 Mr. Gary Gaunnac Mr. Gary Gaunnac             htm
C 1 06/10/02 Lucien Joubert, MD   Lucien Joubert, MD           pdf    
EC 5 05/29/02

Number not used

EC 4 05/23/02

B Revolution Inc.

Ms. Johnette Mason             htm
EMC 5 05/28/02 Alan S. Hollister, M.D., PhD   Alan S. Hollister, M.D., PhD               txt
EMC 4 05/25/02 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists R. Tim Webster, ScD            doc
EMC 3 05/15/02 Donna Guidry Donna Guidry            txt
LST 1 05/17/02 Agenda of the May 22, 2002 meeting             pdf   
EC 3 05/20/02 Ms. Charissa Madison  Ms. Charissa Madison              htm
EMC 2 05/02/02 American Society of Health System Pharmacists Gary C. Stein, PhD              txt
EMC 1 05/01/02 International Pharmaceutical Consultants Herbert Swarz, M.D.              txt
EC 2 04/29/02 Mrs. Ronald Bryson  Mrs. Ronald Bryson            htm
APE 11 04/30/02 Chris Bechtel RN, MSN  Chris Bechtel RN, MSN              
APE 10 04/30/02 American Medical Association  Joseph W. Cranston, PhD                 
APE 9 04/30/02

American Society of Health-System Pharma

Gary C. Stein, PhD               

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