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2002D-0049: Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest for Special Gov. Employees

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
GDL1 02/12/2002 02/12/2002 Legacy Guidance pdf
NAD1 02/11/2002 FDA FDA 03/14/2002 pdf
Signature: FDA
EC1 02/19/2002 02/18/2002 Individual Consumer Mr. David Lasser
C1 03/13/2002 03/12/2002 Private Industry Merck & Co., Inc. pdf
Signature: Bonnie J. Goldmann, M.D.
C2 03/14/2002 03/13/2002 Private Industry Bristol-Myers Squibb pdf
Signature: Laurie Smaldone, M.D.
EMC1 03/05/2002 03/05/2002 Private Industry Public Citizen
Signature: Larry D. Sasich
C3 03/27/2002 03/25/2002 Private Industry CSPI pdf
Signature: Virginia Ashby Sharpe

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