2001C-0486 Tomato lycopene extract to color foods generally
FDA Comment Number : EREG1
Submitter : Mr. Richard A.F. Nelson Date & Time: 08/01/2005 07:08:53
Organization : Ingredient Systems
Category : Food Industry
Issue Areas/Comments
'Tomato' Lycopene? The source of Lycopene is not germane. Lycopene is a natural plant chemical, derived from a number of non-tomato sources.

FDA issuing a final ruling with the specificity of source of origin (Tomato) was unfortunate and irresponsible. It carries the implied meaning that non-tomato sources would be, somehow less-than-approved. I defy anyone to take a blind sample of lycopene and give a definitive source of origin on it with >90% accuracy. In example of this short-sightedness: Monkey Boogers. Baby Boogers. How about Baby Monkey Boogers? Is there really a difference? Only to the FDA . . . What about all those hard-working Texas Watermelon growers who are AMERICAN'S looking for a value-added channel to market THEIR melon sourced Lycopene? Do we really need ANOTHER FDA hearing/ruling about Watermelon Lycopene?


R.A.F. Nelson (Twenty-five years in Food Sector)
Dallas, Texas