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2000P-1491: Amend Definition & Standard of Identy for Parmesan Cheese

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
CP1 08/30/2000 08/30/2000 Private Industry Kraft Foods, Inc.       pdf ACK 9/1/00
Signature: J. Edward Thompson
ACK1 08/30/2000 08/30/2000 Other Organization HFA-305       pdf  
Signature: Lyle D. Jaffe
ANS1 02/14/2001 02/14/2001 Other Organization HFS-800 to Kraft Foods, Inc.         INT. 2/12/01 SEE CP1
Signature: Christine J Lewis PhD
CP2 06/12/2001 12/20/2000 Private Industry Sartori Foods Corporation .       pdf SEE ANS2 DTD 6/8/2001
Signature: James Sartori
ANS2 06/12/2001 06/12/2001 Private Industry HFS-800 to Sartori Foods Corp       pdf SEE CP2 DTD 6/8/2001
Signature: Christine J lewis PhD
NAP1   09/26/2005 FDA FDA 09/27/2005 56409-56417 12/27/2005 pdf  
Signature: FRASER, LESLYE M.
EMC1 09/27/2005 09/27/2005 Individual Consumer B Sachau          
EMC2 10/28/2005 10/28/2005 Individual Consumer J. Deni, II          
EC1 11/17/2005 11/15/2005 Individual Consumer Ms. Joan Fry       pdf  
EC2 12/09/2005 11/30/2005 Individual Consumer Mr. Robin Hills       pdf  
Signature: Hills, Robin
EC3 12/09/2005 12/01/2005 Individual Consumer Mr. Alan Moore       pdf  
Signature: Moore, Alan
EC4 12/13/2005 12/09/2005 Individual Consumer Mr. Corry Elliott       pdf  
Signature: Elliott, Corry
EC5 12/13/2005 12/10/2005 Individual Consumer Mr. Daniel Nieliwocki       pdf  
Signature: Nieliwocki, Daniel
EC6 12/13/2005 12/10/2005 Individual Consumer Miss. L. Vazquez       pdf  
Signature: Vazquez, L.
EC7 12/13/2005 12/11/2005 Food Industry Mrs. Lisa Carroll       pdf  
Signature: Carroll, Lisa
EC8 12/13/2005 12/11/2005 Individual Consumer Ananda Ashram       pdf  
Signature: Krishna, Sri
EC9 12/13/2005 12/11/2005 Individual Consumer Ms. Terry Lowe       pdf  
Signature: Lowe, Terry
EC10 12/13/2005 12/11/2005 Food Industry Ms. Barb Claude       pdf  
Signature: Claude, Barb
EC11 12/13/2005 12/12/2005 Individual Consumer Ms. DC Small       pdf  
Signature: Small, DC

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