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00N-0598: Dietary Supplement Health Claims; Public Meeting Concerning Implementation of Pearson Court Decision and Whether Claims of Effects on Existing Diseases May be Made as Health Claims
Item Code No. Received Date Submitter Signature FR Date FR Page PDF ID
(Size KB)
Text ID
(Size KB)
ACK 2 06/01/00 HFA-305 Jennie Butler     ack0002.pdf
CP 2 05/26/00 Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw et al Jonathon W Emor, Emord & Assoc. Inc.     cp00002.pdf
EC 18 04/14/00 Number not used          
EMC 31 05/05/00 Research-based Dietary Ingredietn Association Stephen D McCurry PhD       emc0031.doc
TS 26 05/03/00 Grocery Manufacturers of America Inc Stacey A Zawel PhD     ts00026.pdf
C 17 05/03/00 Pharacia Corporation, Monsanto Company Maureen Mackey PhD     c000017.pdf
ACK 1 04/27/00 HFA-305 Jennie Butler     ack0001.pdf
CP 1 04/27/00 Grocery Manufacturers of America Inc James H Skiles     cp00001.pdf
C 16 04/26/00 Center for Science in the Public Interest Michael F Jacobson PhD     c000016.pdf
C 15 04/20/00 Institute of Biologic Research Arthur Dale Ericsson MD     c000015.pdf
TS 25 04/20/00 National Consumers League Brett Kay     ts00025.pdf
C 14 04/19/00 Pure Encapsulations Inc et al Jonathan Emord, Emord & Associates PC     c000014a.pdf
C 13 04/19/00 Consumer Healthcare Products Association Patrice B Wright PhD     c000013.pdf
C 12 04/19/00 American Medical Association E Ratcliffe Anderson Jr MD     c000012.pdf
C 11 04/18/00 Symbiotics Inc Jill B Deal, Fish & Richardson PC     c000011.pdf
EMC 30 04/17/00 Sheila Seybolt         emc0030.doc
C 10 04/12/00 Consumer Health Freedom Coalition Arnold Gore     c000010.pdf
C 9 04/12/00 Life Extension Foundation for Dan Mayers William Faloon     c000009.pdf
C 8 04/12/00 Traco Labs Inc Marc S Ullman, Ullman Shapiro & Ullman     c000008.pdf
EMC 29 04/12/00 Life Extension         emc0029.doc
TS 24 04/10/00 Pure Encapsulations Inc Joy Pelletier     ts00024.pdf

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