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00N-0088 Psychiatric and Behavioral Disturbances Associated with Dementia
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Received Date
FR Date
FR Page
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C 12 03/09/00 Association Alzheimer's Association Dr. William Thies       pdf
C 11 02/22/00 Columbia University College of Physician Mary Sano PhD       wpd
C 10 02/18/00 University of Southern California Lon S Schneider Md MS     c000010.pdf (616)  
C 9 02/18/00 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Judith Saxton PhD     c000009.pdf (216)  
C 8 02/17/00 Eli Lilly and Company Gregory T Brophy PhD     c000008.pdf (635)  
C 7 02/18/00 International Psychogeriatric Association Fern F Finkel     c000007.pdf (1,151)  
C 6 02/18/00 Janssen Research Foundation Elizabeth M Turek     c000006.pdf (496)  
C 5 02/17/00 Janssen Research Foundation Elizabeth M Turek     c000005.pdf (211)  
C 4 02/17/00 American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Betsy Beckwith     c000004.pdf (1,036)  
C 3 02/15/00 UCLA School of Medicine Jeffrey L Cummings MD     c000003.pdf (42)  
C 2 02/15/00 Johns Hopkins Medical Institution Constantine G Lyketsos MD     c000002.pdf (1,083)  
C 1 02/14/00 American Psychiatric Association Christopher C Colenda MD     c000001.pdf (849)  
M 1 01/21/00 Schedule for PDAC March 9, 2000 meeting       m000001.pdf
BKG 1 01/20/00 Position Paper       bkg0001.pdf  

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