List of Item Codes Used to Log Documents into Dockets Database

AVV Approval of Application

ACK Acknowledgment Letter

ADN Denial of Application

AE Exemption from Preemption

AFF Affidavit

AMD Amendment

ANS Answer

ANSA Answer After

AP Advisory Opinion Petition

APA Advisory Opinion Petition Answer

APE Appearance Request

APP Application

AR Argument

ARE Application for Reimbursement

AST Application for Special Termination (Debarment)

BKG Background Material

BRF Brief

C Comment

CA Comment After

CCP Change in Classification Petition

CD Consent Decree

CE Comments After Extension

CEP Certificate Extending Patent Term

CFF Critique of Findings of Fact

CH Comment on a Hearing

CMD Commissioner's Decision

CP Citizen Petition

CR Correction

CS Certificate of Service

CV Curriculum Vitae

DDI Disclosure of Date & Information

DES Destroyed

EA Environmental Assessment

EAR Environmental Assessment Report

EC Electronic Comments

EIA Environmental Impact Analysis Report

EIR Environmental Impact Assessment

ELET Electronically Submitted Letter

EMC E-mail Comments

ECT Electronic Comment Using Template

EVR Environmental Report

EVS Environmental Impact Analysis Report

EXB Exhibit

EXC Request for Exception

EXE Exemption

EXP Request for Extension of Compliance Date

EXT Request for Extension

FF Findings of Fact (Allegation of Fact)

FLN Food Allergen Labeling Notification

FONS Finding of no Significant Impact

GDL Guideline

HER Request for Hearing

IAR Impact Analysis Report

IDB Initial Decision of Public Board Inquiry

IDF Initial Decision by Admin. Law Judge

IIA Inflationary Assessment Report


INT Interrogatories

IVS ivs

JUD Judgement

LET Letter, Correspondence

LETA Letter After

LST List

M Memorandum

MA Memorandum After

ME Memorandum Submitted After NEC

MF Memo to the File

MM Memorandum of Meeting

MMA Memorandum of Meeting After

MO Motion

MT Memorandum of Telephone Conversation

N Notice

NAD Notice of Availability of Data

NAH Notice of Advanced Hearing

NAL Notice of Approval

NAP Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NCD Notice of Confirmation of Effective Date

NCR Notice of Correction

ND Notice of Denial

NED nde

NDL Notice of Denial

NEC Notice of Extension

NFL Notice of Filing

NFR Notice of Final Order

NH Notice of Hearing

NHA Notice of Advisory Committee Hearing

NHB Notice of Hearing Before Public Board

NHC Notice of Hearing Before Commissioner

NHE Notice of Formal Evidentiary Hearing

NI Notice of Intent

NID Notice of Interlocutory Decision

NIR Notice of Interim Rule

NM Notice of Meeting

NOM Nomination

NPC Notice of Prehearing Conference

NPH Notice of Opportunity of Hearing

NPR Notice of Proposed Rule-Making

NRD Notice Requesting Data, Info. & Views

NSA Notice of Stay of Action

NTF Notice of Tentative Final Order

NTP Notice of Temporary Permit

NVR Notice of Variance

NWL Notice of Withdrawal

OB Objection

OBR Reply to Objection

OR Order

PAV Petition Approval

PDN Petition Denial

PR Protocol Review

PRC Petition for Reconsideration

PSA Petition for Stay of Action

PW Petition Withdrawal

QHC Qualified Health Claim

R Reply

RA Regulatory Assessments

RC Reply Comment

REC Recommendations

REF Reference (internal unless indicated)

REJ Rejection of Submission

RET Retired

REX Reply to Exception

RIC Request for Informal Conference

RIN Reply Interrogatories

RM Recommended Methods

RMO Reply to Motion

RPT Report (outside of agency unless indicated)

RS Reply Statement

RST Reply Stipulation

RT Reply to Testimony

S Statement

SF Separation of Functions

SP Speech

SET Settlement

SS Supporting Statement

STP Stipulation

SUB Subpoena

SUM Summary

SUP Supplement

TA Threshold Assessment

TR Transcript

TS Testimony

VAR Application for Variance

VIO Violation

VRA Approval of Variance

WDL Withdrawal

SUBMITTER CODES  - Identifies the submitter category

A Individual Consumer

B Consumer organization

C Commercial Organization

D Professional Organization (Associations)

E Other (Includes Schools, Governments - State, Local, Federal)

I International


(Denotes what type of document started the docket.  This is the third position in the docket number.)

A Advisory Opinion Petition

B Recommendations

C Color Additive Petition

D Guidelines

E Patent Extension

F Food Additive Petition

FL Food Allergen Labeling

G GRAS Petition

H Civil Money Penalty Hearing

L PCB Functional Barriers

M Premarket Approval

N Notice

P Citizen Petition

Q Health Claim Notification

R Regulatory Hearing

S Special

V Variance

REMARKS  - (Types of codes in the remarks section of the logs.)

ACK Acknowledgment including date of acknowledgement letter

ANS Answer (answer attached to the comment) includes date of answer

CF Cross filed (document included in another docket)

COB Close of business

DTD Dated

INT Interim Response (includes date of interim response) It is primarily used with the item code of LET

RET Retired

Updated 06/28/2007