2004N-0033 - Establishing a Docket regarding the Factor VIII Inhibitor Workshop of November 21, 2003
FDA Comment Number : EC2
Submitter : Mr. Barry Mellovitz Date & Time: 09/24/2004 03:09:50
Organization : Abbott Labs - Retired/disability
Health Professional
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At Abbott we were interested in the Angiogenesis drugs endostatin and angiostatin. I've tried to follow the drugs, but they were stopped by the FDA just when they were showing good progress and the final trial was to be made. I rarely believe in coincidenses. Can you tell me what exactly happened to these drugs? I have liver cancer and really would like to have them available to try. I was watching and never though I would actually need them. This must be known but nobody is talking. What does that sound like to you? Barry Mellovitz; - yisacher@cox.net