2004S-0212 - Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan
FDA Comment Number : EC5
Submitter : Mr. Wolfgang Rech Date & Time: 10/06/2004 04:10:06
Organization : Mr. Wolfgang Rech
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A copy of letter e-mailed to Large Scale Biology is listed below.

I think that they went on record as saying that they could produce 100 million doses of a vaccine in a short time span of less than 60 days, from their tobacco plantations in Kentucky. Perhaps you could contact them, since Chiron can longer produce the neccessary flu vaccines.

This is big.

Dear Mr. Ryan;
A few years ago LSBC was in discussions with the US Government regarding Geneware and its capability of creating flu vaccines in a 30 day period. Unfortunately a Canadian company was chosen over LSBC for the flu contract.
Well, guess what? There is another Flu shortage predicted this year. And it is a very large shortage. If I remember correctly, most companies take 3 to 6 months to create this vaccine cultured in eggs. (Which makes it impossible to have it ready for this season) BUT, LSBC's claim back then was that you could create it in tobacco cultures and have it to market in 30 to 60 days!!!
Well, Mr Ryan , your government needs you. Please make the phone call and REMIND them once again of our capabilities!!! This could be big. They need millions of vaccines ASAP!

Thank you for your time.
Wolfgang Rech