RPT 237
Volume 172

Cover Letter


75-Day Premarket Notification

Tab A - Astaxanthin pathway of Haematococcus

Tab B - Astaxanthin Configurations

Tab C - Astaxanthin-Complex Carotenoid Oleoresin Production Diagram and Extraction Procedure

Tab D - Product Specification - Zanthin Extract Astaxanthin Complex 10% Standardized

Tab E - Official Analytical Protocol - H. pluvialis Algae Meal and Carbon Dioxide Extract

Tab F - ABC Research Corp., Anaytical Results

Tab G - U.S. Nutra Stabililty Data

Tab H - A Technical Review of Haematococcus algae: Metabolic and Health Effects of Astaxanthin

Tab I - Hoffman La Roche, Inc. - Astaxanthin as a Pigmenter in Salman Feed

Jab J - Wiener, Harold, Amir Drory. Astaxanthin from the Microalga Haematococcus - a superb natural antioxidant for human health, Innovations in Food Technology (November 2003)

Abstracts from PubMed - Murillo, E. Hypercholesterolemic effect of canthaxanthin and astaxanthin
in rats, and Ono, A. et al. A 13-week subchronic oral toxicity study of haematococcus color in F344 rats.

Spiller, PhD, CNS, Gene A. and Antonella Dewell, MS, RD. Safety of an Astaxanthin-Rich Haematococcus pluvialis Algal Extract: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Journal of Medicinal Food 6 (2003)

Turujman, Saleh A. et al. Rapid Liquid Chromatographic Method to Distinguish Wild Salmon from Aquacultured Salmon Fed Synthetic Astaxanthin, Journal of AOAC International 80 (1997) 622-632