2004D-0028 - Draft Consumer Advisory regarding Advice for Subgroups of a Population regarding Mercury in Fish and Shellfish
FDA Comment Number : EC9
Submitter : Mr. Aaron DeVallance Date & Time: 11/16/2004 06:11:34
Organization : Slipper Rock University
Health Professional
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Issue Areas/Comments
It is very concerning to know that we now have to worry about how much mercury is present in certain types of seafood products. Recently, I have read an article about the NY state department of environmental services placing a state wide alert on all fish in the New York state due to mercury levels in the water. They attributed this rise in mercury levels to waste products of industries being disposed of illegally into public waterways. I question if this phenomenon is not a global concern as well.
Although the advisory is thorough in its warning to females who are currently or anticipating pregnancy, there is only 1 line focused on young children. The advisory states that the same rule apply for a young child but serving sizes should be smaller. This is a fair warning but gives not indication on how much. Obviously it will differ with age and weight, but more detailed information could help clear up any misconceptions and confusion. Without numerical data, the warning may invoke unnecessary panic for parents of young children who are fish consumers. More information on this topic would be helpful in clarifying any misleading or incomplete information on fish consumption for young children.