Volume 12
C 9

Cover Letter

Tab 1 - Summary of parallel trade studies

Tab 2, part 2, part 3 - The Economic Impact of Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade: A Stakeholder Analysis; London School of Economics, Panos Kanavos, PhD., November 2003

Tab 3 - Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals; Jacob Arfwedson/CNE Health, July 2003

Tab 4 - Parallel Imports and Reimportation in the Pharmaceutical Market: Misguided Health Policy; German Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies (VWA), September 2002

Tab 5 - Institute for Health Economics Parallel Trade in Drugs in Sweden - An Economic Analysis; 2001

Tab 6 - Parallel Imports of Pharmaceutical Products in the European Union; Mattias Ganslandt and Keith Maskus,
March 2001

Tab 7 - The Economics of Parallel Trade; Patricia M. Danzon PharmacoEconomics, 1998

Tab 8 - Commission to Investigate Parallel Importation of Drugs to Israel Final Report; Israeli Ministry of Health Director General Dr. Yehoshua Shemer, December 1997

Tab 9 - Survey of Parallel Trade; N/E/R/A, 1997