2002N-0276 - Registration of Food Facilities Under the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002; Reopening of Comment Period
FDA Comment Number : EC384
Submitter : Ms. Alejandra Diaz Date & Time: 05/19/2004 09:05:55
Organization : Peruvian Commission for Export Promotion
State Government
Category :
Issue Areas/Comments
There are some facilities that bring services for many (more than four) exporters. If eight exporters use the same facility, which of this exporters need to be registered in the ?Trade Names section?, if there is space only for four trade names?.
It is not clear for us, if the packers (which cut, clean and sanitize vegetables with less than 200 ppm of chlorine) need to be registered. According to documents of the FDA, sanitize with chlorine less than 200 ppm is not consider as a treatment. On the prior notices of the shipments of fresh vegetables is not required the food facility registration, in consequence it could be understood as it is not required to be registered. The normative should be more specific on the information required to define the processing / manufacture.