2004D-0042 - Draft Guidances for Industry on Making Direct-to-Consumer Advertising More User Friendly; Availability
FDA Comment Number : EC4
Submitter : Mr. Glen Wiggs Date & Time: 05/06/2004 07:05:07
Organization : Advertising Standards Authority (New Zealand)
Other Organization
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Issue Areas/Comments
Attached please find the comments of the Advertising Standards Authority on the 'Guidance for Industry - Brief Summary: Disclosing Risk Information on Consumer-Directed Print Advertisements' Paper.

I am also mailing a copy.

Contact details are:
Mailing Address: PO Box 10675, Wellington, New Zealand
Email: asa@asa.co.nz
Telephone: +64-4-472-7852

Finally I have left a message with Glenn Byrd.

Glen Wiggs
Executive Director